Survival Kits: How to Select the Right Gear

You can either choose to put together your own emergency kit, or better still, you can buy a pre assembled kit from one of the many suppliers online. A pre-assembled survival kit can offer you a variety of emergency supplies that are designed to meet special needs. Here’s what to look for when you’re shopping for a survival kit.

A Comprehensive Kit
Your survival kit should contain enough items to meet the requirements of the emergency situation. For instance, no matter what the size of your survival kit, it should make adequate provisions for your most important necessity in a crisis – water. Thirst increases doing an emergency situation, leaving you at risk for dehydration. You would be surprised at the number of emergency kits out there that contain very little provision for water.

A High Quality Kit
Sure, you could buy a cheaper, lower quality kit, but do you really want to be caught in an emergency with flashlights that don’t work or a lighter that’s gone damp? Some people believe that having a low quality kit is better than having no kit at all. However, there’s really no point in having an emergency kilt that doesn’t do what it’s meant to do – keep you safe, warm, and comfortable till help arrives. Continue reading

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